See What It's Like To Work With a Top Fitness Trainer
A Personal Training Trial at Infinity Fitness will give you everything you need to understand what a first class fitness program can offer you
  • Get two separate sessions with your Trainer for only $67
  • Attend a goal setting session so your Trainer can not only understand what you want to accomplish, but show you the best way to 
  • See what a customized workout and nutrition plan would look like and how it is different from other fitness programs.
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Mike F

Commuter & Busy Dad

I lost 18lbs in 8 weeks working out at Infinity Fitness!  I didn't think I could lose weight that quickly at my age, especially since I work full time in the city and travel often, but they provided me with everything I needed to keep me motivated and dropping pounds!

Sierra T

Working Mother

I am a mother of two with a demanding full time job.  I started to workout at Infinity Fitness and fell in love.  I always struggled to make time to exercise because I never found a workout that I enjoyed.  Now, I make my workouts a priority!
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